Our Office Is Boring!

Our office is really boring!  People just do their jobs and there is hardly any social interaction except for some birthday lunches.  What can we do to add a little energy and excitement?

A vibrant office culture does not happen by accident: it requires commitment from everyone, particularly management, who would give leadership to the needed planning.

To a large extent the situation is a direct reflection of the current employees.  It may be the case that a majority of your colleagues simply want to complete their assigned tasks and have little interest in “mixing.”

If you have a somewhat older group of co-workers, they may be more active with sports, clubs and church, for example.   Also, parents with young children will be consumed with their own responsibilities.

At the same time, it is almost certain that a number of your colleagues have similar concerns and would like to introduce some liveliness to the office culture.

Your Human Resources Department – if you have one – would be a great place to start.  If it is appropriate for you to do so, make an appointment and share some of your thoughts.

Your immediate supervisor, too, would be a good person to speak to.  He or she may be willing to bring the matter to the attention of management.

I’d recommend you have some practical suggestions for increasing the number of social times – over and above the current obligatory birthday parties.  Simply complaining that the office is dull will not be helpful.

Be prepared to be personally involved.  It is likely that if any initiative is approved, that you will be selected to serve as one of the organizers.

The formation of a social committee could also be one of the outcomes of your ideas.  You would be the ideal person to chair such a committee which would be charged with improving the social climate of the office.

Although it would be desirable to engage a large number of your colleagues, you may be disappointed to find that only a few people initially express an interest in being involved.

An evening of bowling, for example, may draw a small core of players; however, this could represent an important launch as employees become open to socializing with co-workers and enjoying their company.

Office morale can be directly related to the friendly and sociable atmosphere.  Your initiative, therefore, is laudable and worth pursuing.


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