OfficePolitics101 is the perfect weekly column for your newspaper either in print or web editions.OfficePolitics101's theme of “Flourishing at Work” will appeal to a wide audience and, in particular, will attract a regular readership of younger adults, ages 18-40.

Topics will cover virtually aspect of work but will focus on the interpersonal aspects of being a successful and valued Simon Gibsonemployee, supervisor and manager. Communications issues, among others, will be discussed from a number of thoughtful (and often entertaining) perspectives.

OfficePolitics101 while not a simplistic “advice column,” will nonetheless provide practical and helpful counsel. Readers can apply the guidance from the column resulting in greater job satisfaction.Initial columns will be generated internally; with each passing week, however, it is anticipated that virtually all content will be provided by readers.

For obvious reasons, the identity of those readers submitting queries will be not identified.As well, each column is designed to be complete with a clear beginning, middle and an end. Readers will be drawn to subsequent columns but each column stands alone.  Some more specific questions will be made general in their content resulting in a wider application for many readers in a variety of work settings.

While not overtly “white collar,” it is likely that OfficePolitics101 will appeal to a somewhat more professional and career-minded readership. In terms of location in your print or online edition, it is recommended that you give the column general placement in order that readers can easily discover it.

Once it is rolling regularly, it may be advisable to locate OfficePolitics101 in a business or lifestyles section, depending on the format of your paper. (Consistent readers need to have a reliable spot to find their column.)

Formatting the column is up to your discretion as editor. You will likely have a strong graphic format so the column masthead will need to match your paper's look. A picture of Simon – which you can crop for your needs – is provided on this site.Announcing the column will be important and will not only increase the interest, but will also allow you to position OfficePolitics101 as a unique editorial service not available in another newspaper in your market or region.

The column will be Emailed to you weekly – year round – by no later than Monday, midnight, Pacific Time. This deadline will not be missed under any circumstance. Your job as editor is challenging enough without the anxiety of receiving an expected column at the last minute.Your investment in OfficePolitics101 is offered to you at no charge at this time.

We would like to maintain a long-term relationship with you and many other community papers. It's less about money, and more about the satisfaction of growing OfficePolitics101 to reach a wide audience. You will see five sample columns on the site.

Why not inaugurate OfficePolitics101 using these columns in your paper – print or online editions – at the earliest opportunity? There is, of course, absolutely no charge for these columns. Just let us know once the month has passed, and we'll get you started.

We'll be anxious to hear of the reaction from your readers. OfficePolitics101 could provide a natural “tie in” with certain regular advertisers as well – such as HR firms, schools, even financial institutions.Welcome aboard! We look forward to a long and enduring relationship with your newspaper and readers!