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We’ve just hired two new employees for our department and my boss has asked me to do an orientation for them.  He hasn’t given much direction but says it should take no more than two days.  How should I get started?  What should be my objectives?   Your boss’s request is...
My husband and I found out a few a months ago we can’t have children.  I now feel distressed every time there is a new baby announcement at work.  I’ve just learned there will be a baby show for a co-worker in my office but I’d rather not attend....
My boss is retiring and I’ve been asked to organize a staff farewell party for her.  I’m happy to make the arrangements but I don’t know where to begin. The party will be held in about a month.  Any ideas for me?   You probably have mixed emotions at this time. ...
A consultant will be studying our department in a few weeks and we’re all very nervous, especially me! Her role will be to find efficiencies and will be preparing a report for senior management. How can I prepare for her visit? It is not surprising you and your colleagues are...
I’ve recently been terminated – without cause - from a company where I’ve worked for almost 10 years. They simply told me I wasn’t fitting in. I’ve been given s six month severance package which is great but now I’m feeling apprehensive.
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